H-PON: Hybrid WDM/TDM Passive Optical Network


Optical access networks are considered to be a definite solution to the problem of upgrading current congested access networks to ones capable of delivering future broadband integrated services. However, the high deployment and maintenance cost of traditional point-to-point optical architectures is a major economic barrier to wide-spread deployment. Current TDM-PON architectures are economically feasible, but bandwidth-limited. This goal of this project is to develop a next-generation hybrid WDM/TDM optical access architecture that focuses on providing a smooth migration path from current TDM-PONs to future WDM-PONs.  The resulting network is called Stanford University Access Hybrid WDM/TDM Passive Optical Network (SUCCESS-HPON).

Motorola Stanford Networking and Research Center (SNRC)

Visiting scholars