MONA: Metropolitan Optical Network Architecture


In metro area network, p2p traffic keeps increasing. The characteristics of this traffic is bursty in time and randomly generated in space, which is not appropriate to current telephone oriented network. Therefore, future MAN architecture is required to accommodate p2p traffic as well as other multicast traffic. Furthermore, for the real deployment, we should consider cost and flexibility in developing new network architecture.

Protocol: Optical Burst Transport (OBT) 

OBT is novel traffic grooming and burst transmission method for WDM metro network. It has following characteristics to suit future network requirements:

  • WDM-based technology with minimal electronic processing at the transit nodes. 
  • Intelligent packet aggregation at OBT nodes. Burst mode transmission. 
  • Token-based wavelength access control.
  • Compatible with Ethernet


  • Fixed transmitter and receiver. 
  • Data channels are added or dropped by optical switch. 
  • Line rate 2.5 Gbps (data channel) Combined with Ethernet MAC, streaming Video can be transmitted in real time.
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