NG-PON: Next Generation Passive Optical Network


To support more users and high-bandwidth applications, FTTx technology in the near future will move toward higher speed and more wavelengths beyond currently deployed EPON and GPON. As service providers require smooth evolution and bit-rate enhancement of TDM PONs, coexistence of multi-rate multi-wavelength G/EPONs is the most promising approach for practical deployment. In anticipation of future FTTx technologies and Huawei's business needs, this research project focus on the key challenges and enabling technologies for optically amplified multi-rate multi-wavelength burst mode receivers. Our research investigate the power budget limit and the system performance of multi-rate multi-wavelength TDM PONs, explore cost-effective receiver architecture for multi-rate OLT, and develop a prototype optical burst mode receiver with high sensitivity and large dynamic range.