OBM: High Speed Optical Burst Mode Transceiver


Burst mode transmission at high bit-rates is challenging due to the lack of suitable optical burst mode transceivers. High performance burst mode optical transceiver is still a subject of intensive research. This project will investigate the feasibility of and the technologies for high speed optical burst mode transceivers, and design high performance integrated circuits for burst mode laser driver and clock and data recovery. This project will include module and IC chip design, and the research will be mainly based on circuit design, simulations, IC fabrication and verification experiments. The module design will break down the transceiver into different functional parts which can be implemented with integrated circuits, and identifies which part can use conventional continuous mode IC and which part needs to be designed to support burst mode operation. For continuous mode ICs, it is possible that commercial available high speed ICs can be used. For burst mode ICs, high speed operation is a challenging task, which will be the focus of this research.

Current progress

This project was started in Fall '06, and we are still investigating the best solution for optical burst mode transceiver. 

The burst mode CDR IC was manufactured by former Ph.D. student of PNRL independently of this project.
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